Friday, June 25, 2010

We Didn't Come Here to Rock

Did a little research, and now MassART is off the table. While I don't fret about the potential score I might receive on a standardized test, I just don't think I'll be able to make the time to actually take the SAT. It's unfortunate, I suppose, but the coming months are so packed that to do one thing, it almost always means that I'm putting something on the backburner.

Appropriately enough, tonight is the Torch Theatre farewell show at 55, and I'm postponing painting feverishly to attend. The Torch is sort of the place where I really found out who I am and what's important to me. While I'm happy that they're moving on to bigger and better things (acquiring their own venue), the distance is just out of my scope of reasonable traveling distance. I've come to know, love, and deeply respect this group of people. They, for better or worse, are the ones I admire. They've become my family over the past year, and I'm deeply saddened that my Friday and Saturday nights will no longer include their unwittingly philosophical views on improvisation and life. That being said, I have a notion that this will be a good primer on saying my goodbyes. The moment leaving Phoenix became tangible, my perspective on the people in this city changed. I always knew that I was surrounded by good people, but my disdain for my situation clouded that view. Once the clouds dispersed and my departure was impending, it became that much harder to say goodbye.

I've never been good at saying goodbye. I guess there's no time like the present to learn a new skill.

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