Thursday, June 24, 2010

Great Job

With my student loans finally rehabilitated, there is a massive weight that's been lifted off my shoulders, replaced by a new and scary, almost terrifyingly exciting weight of unknown. I'm waiting for my paperwork to be mailed out so that I can get my next semester all worked out. My FAFSA is done and my schedule finalized:

Universal Themes in Humanity
Chemistry (Lecture and Lab)
Art History 102- Rennaisance through Contemporary Art

I'm getting flack for registering for a class I've already taken before (ARH102), especially since I got an A in the course, but I took the class when I was still in high school (almost 7 years ago), it'd be nice to have a refresher, and I really enjoyed that particular class more than any I've taken in college (Astronomy and History of Modern Architecture and Design being close second and third, respectively.)

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