Wednesday, June 30, 2010

It's All For You.

The shows at Verde and Sweets & Beats are finally hung. FINALLY. In total, I rode 108 blocks and transported 17 paintings to do it, but it's finally done. Well, ALMOST done. I forgot tape, so I have to go to Verde and put up titles, and re-hang one of the pieces (Si Robins took a picture and sent it to me and I realized one of my pieces is hung about 8 inches off skew. No bueno.) One of my pieces was damaged during transport, but I was able to fix it, which is great. My promotional piece for the September show is almost done. I've never actually had real promotion of a show, so I'm nervous about making it just right because the image is going to be all over. Along the same lines, it's a mixed-media sculpture, which is something I haven't done much of, but something I've been getting more into, so I'm doubly nervous, but also excited.

Hoping tomorrow I can some cleaning done around the studio, as pre-show frenzy always lead to the studio to looking like a tornado damaged town. I also need to get some more work done before I go down to my dad's studio to get more building materials and also take him out for lunch. His birthday was on Monday, and I wish I could really do it up for him, but my finances won't really allow that right now. It's hard being in a situation where I feel confident in my abilities as an artist, but still have a strong desire to make him proud. I mean, he's the reason I paint. He's the one who let me know at a very young age that art is not a luxury, but a necessity. He drives me nuts sometimes, but I love him and I want to do right for him as much as I want to do right for me.

I haven't been focusing as much on school paperwork and the drawing portions of my applications, mostly because I'm nervous. I need to just suck it up and do it. As Mick Napier says: "Fuck your fear."

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