Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Time to Get Serious.

Lots of errands today. I have to go to the bank, get some photos, contracts, and school applications printed at FedEx, open a new top-secret bank account at BoA to start saving money (and because I got hit with $170 in fees at Chase, and I can't afford to pay them right now. It's unfortunate, because I'm trying to be responsible and keep my life on track creatively, mentally, professionally, and financially, but I just can't afford to pay those fees, and I need to have access to a bank account for my student loans, work, and art sales.)

My dad's got some fun paints he made a while back, so I have to go pick those up, along with some more of his jerryrigged woodglue, which he keeps in old Coke bottles. It's things like that that completely remind me that we are SO related.

I've only had the fortune to get to the Art Museum since it was renovated twice. It's really a beautiful museum, so I'm hoping I can get these errands done and applications filled out, then make some progress on these paintings so that I can take advantage of their voluntary donation hours.

No rest for the wicked, I s'pose.

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