Friday, May 06, 2011

Modest Proposal Comix Artblitz Fundraiser

Brandon Huigens is one of my favorite artists (and my very favorite person). After spending a week in the hospital for kidney problems, he lost his new job and is facing a very large hospital bill and numerous upcoming doctor's appointments. He makes wonderful comics and is an incredibly talented writer, and we're trying to get by while trying to manage this whole health ordeal. If you want to see Brandon's original comics, you can go to .

If you want to help Brandon during this difficult time (OR you hate helping and you just like his art), please consider purchasing his work.

-We're currently taking pre-orders for one-of-a-kind Fruits the Cat t-shirts (which come standard in brown or cream, but if you have a color preference we'll try our best to accommodate), which are $12 for a comic of your choice or $10 for Fruits' pick (he'll make sure to pick a good one).

-You can purchase a copy of Brandon's new mini-comic, "All Yellow Dinner", for $2 (including shipping and handling, if you're not in Phoenix)

-You can purchase some of Brandon's original art pictured below.

For questions, to participate or donate, e-mail or

***We'll have all of the above on fifth street tonight (May 6, 2011) at First Friday in Downtown Phoenix! If you're on Twitter, send a tweet to @saynomorgan and tell us where to find you, send us an e-mail (thanks, smartphone notifications!) and we'll find you, or keep a look out for the loud redhead with the trike (that's me!)***


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